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Book presentation « Ciałko» (Little body)

Meeting with Katarzyna Kobylarczyk, author of the book 'Little body. Spain steals its children', on 6/12/2023 at the Spanish Library of Wroclaw

Katarzyna Kobylarczyk

Little body. Spain steals its children

December, the 6th, 2023

We are pleased to present Katarzyna Kobylarczyk, author of the book 'Little body. Spain steals its children'. This is a reportage that reveals the truth about thousands of children who were taken away from their parents and sold or given up for illegal adoption. Katarzyna Kobylarczyk tells the stories of those who are looking for their identity and their relatives, and also of those who have to face the painful discovery that their life is based on a lie. It is a book that moves, shocks and makes people think about the role of the state and the church in this phenomenon.

Moderating the meeting with the author were the students of Spanish Philology, we discussed about the book and the work of the journalist.