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Presentation of Agnieszka Holland's Film «Green Border»

On December 18, 2023, the DCF cinema in Wroclaw hosted a pivotal event under the HUMCORE project: the presentation of "Green Border," a film directed by the renowned Agnieszka Holland. The event was led by the esteemed journalist and film critic Adam Kruk, who provided an in-depth perspective on the film and its significance within the scope of HUMCORE's initiatives.

Adam Kruk presents «Green border»

Green border and HUMCORE

The HUMCORE project focuses on enhancing the integration of third-country nationals in need of protection. It aims to improve the procedures and practices of the Humanitarian Corridors (HC), a Private Sponsorship Scheme operating since 2016. The project involves nine EU countries and combines a review analysis of HC's integration aspects with capacity-building activities for sponsors. The goal is to enhance the scheme for better integration. HUMCORE builds on the experience of partners involved in HC and seeks to expand HC across the EU, including countries not yet implementing HC but affected by migration.

"Green Border" delves into themes of migration, identity, and humanity, aligning closely with the core principles of the humanitarian corridors advocated by HUMCORE. The film, with its powerful and engaging narrative, highlighted the complexities faced by migrants, underscoring the need for solidarity and empathy.

During the event, Kruk connected the film's message to the activities of the HUMCORE project, emphasizing how "Green Border" serves not only as a high-caliber cinematic work but also as a catalyst for dialogue and understanding of issues related to humanitarian corridors and human rights.

The presentation, therefore, offered the audience a unique opportunity to reflect on the importance of initiatives like HUMCORE in promoting understanding and support for global humanitarian causes.