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VIII Week of Italian Cuisine in the World

November, 13 cinema 'Silent Land' - 15 morning 'Proper nutrition explained to children' - 15 evening 'Cooking contest' and discussion

13.11.2023 at 7 p.m. at the DCF cinema 'Silent Land'.

15.11.2023 in the morning, School No 73 W. Anders 'Proper nutrition explained to children'

15.11.2023 at 6 p.m. at the Spanish Library of Wroclaw / 'Cooking Competition - Wellness at the Italian Conversation Club'


Unstoppable holidays - Italy, land of the good lifestyle

13.11.2023 at 7 p.m. at DCF, Lower Silesian Cinema Centre, ul. Piłsudskiego 64a, Wrocław

Adam Kruk presents 'Silent Land', dir. by Aga Woszczynska | Poland, Italy, Czech Republic 2021 | 113'
The film shows the different traditions of Italian food. The silence of the title has nothing idyllic about it, although the film is set on holiday, on an Italian island, where Anna and Adam rent a house with a view. From afar, as we know, the view is beautiful, so the couple prefers to keep their distance . A full fridge, full wallets, an alarm-proof door and as well eyes wide shut guarantee them protection from contact with reality - until they discover that the property's swimming pool doesn't work. The fault will dangerously unseal their comfort zone, causing a leak with which chaos, fear and death will creep into the couple's comfortable, automated life.

Proper nutrition explained to children

15.11.2023 in the morning, at the School No 73 Władysław Anders, ul. Gliniana 30, Wrocław

The lecture of the teachers Ilona Kadys and Matteo Pucci will focus on sustainable nutrition from production to consumption, shared nutritional values through the food pyramid, and to show the role of the Italian tradition in the Mediterranean diet through interactive language and cultural games and exercises with school students (primary and secondary school).

Participation by invitation

Cooking competition - Wellness at the Italian Conversation Club

15.11.2023 at 6 p.m. at the Spanish Library, ul. Szajnochy 5, Wrocław

Italian cooking competition! Theory and practice of well-being in the kitchen at the Italian  Conversation Club. We invite citizens to participate by bringing their own dish inspired by Italian tradition and the values of the Mediterranean diet to share with us. The best dish will be awarded a book by the Spanish Library of Wroclaw. 
Our Italian language conversation club will revolve around the Italian culinary tradition. We will analyse the expressions used to describe the preparation of Italian and Mediterranean dishes, we will deepen our knowledge of festivities, the convivial moment of which is a fundamental part, we will discuss the importance of well-being in the kitchen, starting with the preparation in harmony with the original ingredients of the region - therefore with zero emissions for transport - and finally the nutritional values of the Mediterranean diet with the focus on the Italian peninsula.
Free entrance!

Photographs of the 8th Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, thanks above all to the participants of the cooking contest and to the Spanish Library, which presented a prize to the winners: Makary was first and Agnieszka second. We were surprised, as always by 'Major' Waldemar Frydrych, artist, writer and founder of the 'Orange Revolution', at the origins of the Wrocław dwarves.

Cicha ziema / Silent Land
Matteo Pucci and Ilona Kadys at school
Cooking contest and discussion
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