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XXIII Week of Italian Language in the World

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17/10 at 18, Polish Cinema for Beginners - Lessons of Love

18/10 at 18, Sustainability at the Italian Discussion Club

19/10 morning, Sustainability explained to children

Polish Cinema for Beginners - Lessons of Love

17th, October at 18 At the Wroclaw institute of Culture

Adam Kruk presents: "Lessons of Love" by Małgorzata Goliszewska and Katarzyna Mateja, 2019

"This bit of life belongs to me!" declares Jola - an eccentric, colour-loving woman just before her seventies. After fifty years, she takes an important step: she flees Italy, from her marital nightmare, to her home town of Szczecin. There, she finally lives the life she has always dreamed of: she dances, sings, writes poems and songs. Her lyrics tell of the love she has never experienced. In Jola's eyes, the world is romantic, colourful and dramatic. One night on the dance floor at Cafe Uśmiech, she meets Wojtek, a man older than herself, who falls in love with her without memory. All of Jola's friends, as well as her six children, urge her to divorce Bogdan, an alcoholic who has stayed in Italy. Only the priest tries to dissuade her from this, claiming that she should forgive and remain faithful until the end. Jola hesitates and doesn't know what to do. Face a difficult divorce and remarry? Or just live in the moment and not return to the past? Will she dare to live her life?

Free entrance

Sustainability explained to children

19/10 morning
General Władysław Anders Primary School No. 73
ul. Gliniana 30
50-525 Wrocław

The lesson, led by Ilona Kadys and Matteo Pucci, for pupils in sixth, seventh and eighth grades, will be about environmental sustainability. Games and texts on the topic will be presented.

To be admitted it is required to write to or call Whatsapp/Telegram +48515271987