The Bible, the Apocrypha and forms of popular devotion in translation, interpretation and tradition – X International Biblical Conference

The University of Wroclaw is pleased to invite you to attend the upcoming

X International Biblical Conference

‘The Bible, the Apocrypha and forms of popular devotion in translation, interpretation and tradition

Miniature of the Prophet Amos from the Latin Bible from the 1st half of the 14th century (Library of the University of Wrocław, coll. I F 3, fol. 309v)

The guiding theme of the 2023 conference will focus on apocryphal biblical accounts, including legends, hagiographic tradition and accounts of popular devotion, with a special interest in the translation, interpretation and reception of the texts and their relationship to the Holy Scriptures. The conference will be held on 12-13 May 2023 at the University of Wrocław Research Centre in the former Evangelical Church at plac Tadeusz Kościuszki in Odolanów (12 May) and at the University of Wrocław Science Centre at ulica Raszkowska 21 in Ostrów Wielkopolski (13 May).

We invite all those interested to attend the conference: theologians, philologists, historians and other researchers, for whom the topic is close to and constitutes the subject of their scientific research, thus related to the biblical text, apocryphal literature and the tradition that has developed around them.

Abstracts (up to 200 words) in one of the conference languages or in Polish must be sent by 20 April 2023 to

The list of speakers will be announced on 25 April 2023, all candidates will be informed by e-mail. 

The conference fee is 60 euro or 290 zł. 

Scientific Committee: 

  • Maria Chantry, University of Wrocław
  • Krzysztof Bardski, Card. Stefan Wyszyński University of Warsaw
  • Creighton Marlowe, Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven
  • Michał Kieling, Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań 
  • Gościwit Malinowski, University of Wrocław
  • Krzysztof Morta, University of Wrocław
  • Sonia Maura Barillari, University of Genoa
  • Arkadiusz Nocoń, Pontifical Gregorian University 
  • Magdalena Jóźwiak, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Organising Committee: 

  • Krzysztof Morta, University of Wrocław (scientific coordinator of the committee)
  • Sławomir Torbus, University of Wrocław (secretary for French and English language proposals)
  • Łukasz Krzyszczuk, University of Wrocław (for proposals in Polish and Spanish)
  • Gianluca Olcese, University of Genoa (for proposals in other languages)